Next stop - zero waste

Next stop - zero waste

As you might already have recognized, the brand promotion isn’t the priority, but the philosophy and our message to be conscious about the treatment with our environment primary. Therefor I would like to share some thoughts and daily barriers regarding plastic consumption with you.

It all started with the documentations, which you can see in my blog “documentations”. Terrifying pictures of trashcovered beaches and ocean sections have opened my eyes. By travelling I have already recognized this theme, but back those time I was naive thinking it’s only the fault of the local people. For this reason I decided to look forward into a zero-waste lifestyle.

1. No longer single-use-packages

Plastic bottles, plastic bags, vegetables packed in plastic and much more were the start of my zero-waste-movement. Today I only buy drinks in a bottle of glas or I use my reusable drinkbottle to refill it. Plastic bags are exchanged with cloth bags and vegetables and fruits, which you mostly get wrapped in plastic, will be bought on next farmers market.

2. Stop sucking!

Mostly at bars, festivals & co you get your drinks with a plastic straw, which will be thrown away after it’s single use. At this point you just have to say “No thanks!”.

3. Tupperware for TakeAway

Another problem, which happens pretty often is at the lunch. As I often have less time to prepare lunch upfront, I buy some food for TakeAway, which mostly is packed in a single-use-plastic-box. I asked the waiters if it’s possible, that they fill up my own tupperware and mostly I get a positive answer. You can use this strategy as well by shopping meat & more.

4. Microplastics in bathroom

Admitted, on this theme I still have need for improvement, but I’m practicing and learning. Peelings, toothpastes, and many more with microplastics won’t ever come back in my bathroom. Moreover I’m shocked by the fact brushing my teeth with plastics. There’s plenty options of unwrapped soaps and shower cremes, which you can use for body and hair. Also cotton pads you can exchange with reusable cloth pads, e.g. from old towels. I really enjoy this solution.

5. separating trash & recycling

I can tell you, what I want, but the most important thing is to separating your waste and recycle it. Even though it might be annoying, but you don’t only treat the environment and allover yourself and your fellows. #spreadlovenottrash

I have recognized a big and clear change of my consumption and although I still have a lot to learn, I am proud of myself!  📷

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